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Every good computer user needs some help. We at Clones Plus are constantly on the lookout for programs and utilities that make life easier and more fun. Below are the products of our search. Please read the instructions carefully. If it is shareware and you elect to use the program, please send the producer the amount required. That way the products will get better and better!!
Just for the fun of it.
Download Paint Shop Pro for Windows
This is a neat shareware program. There are several versions, find the one just right for you.
NIST Boulder (Colorado) Laboratories
How accurate is your computer clock? How worried are you about your files time and date? This free program will set your computer to within 1 second of the nuclear clock. Use the net or dial direct. While you are there look at the virtual walk through of the lab!
Got the NEED for speed?
MTU-Speed Home Page
Most of the time a newer and faster modem just won't do the trick. You have to synchronize! This free program will help you set the correct speeds for your modem. Increases of 30% have been reported. (Same modem!)
Window Washer
Window Washer will keep your browser running at top speed by cleaning (at your pleasure of course) the COOKIES, history, URL stack, and disk cacheing files. Most of this stuff is useless to the user and only slows down your machine, which is keeping track. The information is very useful to the vendors (on-line businesses), but hey why should we look out for them?
Search Engines
Google A nice all purpose search engine that will help you find "Stuff" on the web. We use it mainly for personal, educational, and commercial searches.
HotBot A scientific search engine, YOU will get a lot of data to sift through. Learn how to use the engine correctly, and it will find the information that you need. GO ON! Try it. Hey whatta ya got ta lose?

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